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ASADA: Supporting senior doctors and Australian communities

ASADA aims to support all senior doctors through collegial networks, research, and advocacy, and to provide a voice for the issues of concern to them. ASADA recognises the immense value that senior doctors bring to their communities through their many years of expert medical practice and training. Senior doctors have held positions as eminent specialists with state health departments, served as Clinical Leads and Department Heads of hospitals and care units, held research and teaching positions with university medical schools, served on national and international advisory committees, mentored medical students, taught Grand Rounds, educated nurses and other health practitioners, run community medical services and practices in isolated and rural regions of Australia, and engaged in planning and overseeing medical and health service delivery at community, state and federal levels. When senior doctors leave the health system, the loss has an enormous cost to health services which lose their experience, knowledge and support. ASADA seeks to make senior doctors’ wisdom available for the betterment of the health of Australians through policies such as:

A Senior Active Doctor registration category to enable senior doctors to provide services in the public interest.     

The establishment of a Medical Reserve to help communities during times of need (e.g., pandemics, bushfires, floods)