In 2021, ASADA, AMA Qld, and the Redcliffe and District Medical Association partnered to fund a report by our research consultant, Dr Kym Irving, on ‘Global Trends and Models of Senior Doctor Registration: A Medical Reserve Strategy to Address Queensland’s Public Health Challenges Now and Into the Future’. The purpose of the document was to identify how senior doctor registration and medical reserves operate in other countries and how these models can be applied in Australia. A proposal based on the report was developed by the AMA Qld Senior Doctor Working Group (chaired by ASADA President , Dr Geoff Hawson and including ASADA Secretary, Dr Kimberley Bondeson and Qld Rep Dr Darryl Gregor). The proposal has now been submitted to the Qld Government and AMA Qld is in a series of talks with Qld Health, the next scheduled for February 2022.